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SPI's Mission

The mission of the Society for the Prevention of Infanticide (SPI) is to educate the public about the historical and current custom of infanticide and to promote its prevention through continued research and scholarship.

History of SPI SPI, a not-for-profit organization, was founded in 1994 by Dr. Larry S. Milner, a physician engaged in the private practice of internal medicine, hematology, and oncology. Dr. Milner began researching the topic of infanticide over ten years ago. As Dr. Milner pursued his research effort, the totality of this epidemic throughout history began to unfold. Dr. Milner was so moved by the information he was discovering, he felt compelled to write, Hardness of Heart/Hardness of Life: The Stain of Human Infanticide.
hardness of heart icon Without question, Hardness of Heart/Hardness of Life is the definitive study of the subject of infanticide. This book is one of the primary avenues of achieving SPI's mission and is now available online from

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Infanticide in the News The following links take you to important news items concerning infanticide.
CNN reports: Grossberg's lawyers seek reduced sentence for infant death crime.
CNN Reports: Nearly 5 babies killed weekly, FBI data show.
CNN Reports: Caseworkers often lack time, tools, money to protect children.


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